How to survive cosmetology school


Don't Panic! We've all been there, and some of us (me) went twice. 

Cosmo school can take a long time to complete, and sometimes it feels like you are fighting a wall but it teaches you how to be persistent. In my case, I went back to school to do hair after already trying out a career in advertising. I never considered cosmetology, but when I took note of all the boxes it checked, it became clear that it was the right fit. I was looking for a career that was hands-on, allowed me to be social, active, creative and most importantly not stuck at a desk.

The first and best piece of advice I can share is to never lose hope. When your patience has run thin, and you can't believe you have to roll another perm rod, just do it! Show up every day you're scheduled, even when you don't want to, because it means you are one day closer to graduating. Put in your hours, study hard, and get your license. That's what school is all about. 

While you are a student or as soon as you graduate, find a salon where you can assist stylists or better yet apprentice. This is the most important step to transition you from school life to salon life. I was lucky enough to work part-time in salons the whole time I was in school. This is where I learned real world skills that I still use today as a stylist. Apprenticing builds your confidence as a new stylist and mentors give you tips and tricks from their years of experience. Having an apprenticeship also motivates you to complete cosmetology school. You can see the light at the end of the tunnel and instead of crawling you will run!

Make connections in school with teachers, outside educators, and especially other students. You never know what can come from meeting someone new. Maybe you will become coworkers with a fellow classmate, or hear of a job opening through a friend of a teacher. Maybe an educator notices your talent and puts in a good word for you with their company or a local salon. This industry is very much about charisma and being a people person. That's why it's important to never burn bridges, they may lead to your next paycheck. 

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